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The Elysian Archives is a collaborative encyclopaedia for everything related to the history of the Kingdom of Elysia. Registered users may create or edit articles to create a comprehensive database for Eylsian citizens.

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Featured Article - Year 17 Day 186:

Czerka Corporation


The Czerka Corporation is a raw material extraction company based in the Moddell Sector. It is a Kingdom of Elysia crown corporation and operates with the sole objective of providing the kingdom and affiliated companies with minerals.

Over a thousand years ago, Czerka Corporation flourished in the chaos of the Republic/Sith conflict. The company began selling supplies to both combatants, but sold exclusively to the Sith Empire towards the end of the war. At that time, Czerka expanded to become one of the largest and most diverse Corporations in the galaxy, operating outposts and drawing resources from almost every inhabited system. (more...)

Elysian Citizen News

"Cities of our Fathers, Cities of the Sons"

Posted by: on Year 17 Day 135

BHUNA SOUND (ECN) - Working alongside the Crown Company of Czerka Corporation, the Elysian Department of Infrastructure has been given the thumbs up to begin the final phases of building an advanced and futuristic metropolis in the Gendius System. Dated reports indicate that the planning process for this endeavour was drafted over a full year ago by the Council of Lords, who earmarked credits do Czerka Corporation with the orders to begin prospecting for new deposits of raw materials which would be transported to various depots in the Gendius Sector to be processed and then moved to the location of the new city-network.

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Year 17 Day 183 - posted by Benedict Tharandon

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